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What's this place all about?


  • First and foremost, we are a cocktail bar in the traditional sense but we have an added entertainment element… Virtual Reality Experiences and Games (totally optional).



How do you play VR?



  • If you’d like to play VR, please check in with the hostess near the front door and he or she will set you up with a room. The VR side of the experience at Revery is almost like a karaoke experience where you pay for the room rental by the half hour or hour.


What about my glasses?



  • That is totally up to the individual but most of our customers take their glasses off when playing, however, many small framed glasses can fit under the VR headsets.



How much is it to play?



  • Our pricing can be found at the bottom of the “Menu” page. The pricing for VR is by the room rental not per person (so the VR tab is typically shared by the group).


What kind of games do we have?



  • We have all types of experiences like FPS, puzzle-based, sports, and exploratory games. However, we change our games often so aside from certain favorites like Space Pirate Trainer, Richie’s Plank Experience, and Superhot VR expect to come back to new experiences frequently.



Do you take reservations?



  • We take reservations Monday - Thursday from 5pm to close. On the weekend, we only take reservations for parties of 10 or more. To make a reservation, please call (470) 639-8448 or e-mail info@reveryvrbar.com. However, if you’re interested in hosting a private event at our venue please email Events@ReveryVRBar.com


Are the games multiplayer?


  • Each room is a single player setup (mainly for safety reasons). However, we do offer a few games that offer online multiplayer experiences. Plus, half the fun is seeing your friends get totally immersed in the VR experience!